1. Not to take up occupation of the property on the first day of any vacation period before the time specified and ensure that the property is vacated on the last day of the vacation period no later than the time specified by the managers.

  2. To keep the property reasonably clean and tidy and to vacate the property with all the washing up complete.

  3. To maintain the property (including its contents) in a reasonable state and condition and to pay the managers on demand the cost of repairing or making good any damages or breakages.

  4. To allow access to the owner, worker or workmen for the purpose of any work of repair or maintenance which shall be required to be carried out to the property or its contents during the vacation period.

  5. To comply with all arrangements made by the managers for the disposal of refuse and not to deposit any harmful substances or material into the sinks, baths, lavatories, cisterns and drains of the property nor allow anything to be thrown from or to accumulate outside the property.

  6. Not to use the property or permit it to be used during the vacation period for any purpose other than holiday accommodation and not to use or permit it to be used for any illegal or immoral purpose.

  7. Not to allow the property to be occupied during the vacation period by more than the number of persons for whom beds are provided by the managers.
  1. Not to display any notices or signs or external projections on the property or make any additions or alterations to it nor to damage the property or its contents in any way.

  2. Not to do or permit anything which may be a nuisance or cause damage or annoyance to any neighbouring owner or occupier and in particular not to make excessive or unreasonable noise inside or outside the property

  3. Not to do anything which might invalidate the insurance cover on the property or its contents. In the event of so doing and of any insurance monies not being recoverable in consequence the guest / occupier shall be responsible for making good the amount irrecoverable

  4. Not to bring into or store in the property any flammable or explosive substance.

  5. Not to bring to or keep in the property any animal or pet.

  6. Not to deviate from the access road or public footpaths or to go beyond Cottage areas (please see notes on access).

  7. To pay to the managers on demand all costs and expenses reasonably incurred in making good any breach of the foregoing obligations and restrictions.

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