Property Information ~ general information


Detailed information and directions will be sent to you prior to your visit.


Having collected your keys, parking is on the area by the old garage in front of the Cottage.


Please advise if you wish to leave before 10 am on the day of departure and arrange to settle your account for any services provided during your stay.


Telephone and Internet Provision
The telephone in the hall takes incoming calls only. If you wish to be called the number is 01673 838565. There is wireless Internet access.


Central heating and hot water
These are usually set to come on in the early morning and through the evening. Towel rails in the bathrooms are on a different circuit and are set to come on twice a day.


All bed linen and towels are provided. Please ask if more are needed during your stay.


Smoking Policy
We are a no smoking family and request tenants not to smoke anywhere in the house please go outside on the patio or in the lobby.


Food Packs
Food packs to allow you to get through to your first local shop are available on request. Details are given on our Confirmation of Booking form.


We regret that pets cannot be allowed. There are unfortunately too many sheep and farm dogs to allow any.


Rubbish disposal and recycling
Our local refuse collectors only collect from one bin but we will be pleased to recycle bottles/glass and cans/foil if you will be good enough to leave such items in the bins provided. We will be grateful if you will place all other rubbish in the dustbin prior to departure.


Road and farmyard
Please note that vehicular access to the Cottage is by our farm track. CLICK TO SEE MAP. Otby Lane is a Public Footpath and links with an extensive network of public rights of way, including the Viking Way. Information and leaflets are provided on the stand in the Cottage hallway.

Please also remember Otby is a working farm and that for a variety of reasons we are unable to grant access beyond the farm yard other than for fishing. Tractors and farm vehicles will often be using the yard and access road. Ample passing places are provided!

Please be aware that fishermen visiting Otby Lake also use the same access.


Shoot Days
Shoots take place during the season (September – January) and the yard can be busy. There is usually very little noise or disturbance around the Cottage during a shoot. You will be made aware of relevant dates with your Booking Confirmation but if you have any particular questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Owners.